Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I've been thinking about this for a while... I love to cook and bake and I think food and recipes should be shared and enjoyed by all! So hopefully this blog will be an easy way to do just that.

I realize some of you are American and some of you are French (or Swiss!) but I think most of my francophone friends speak (or at least read!) English so this blog will be mostly in English. However I will try my very best to provide measurements in cups and in grams, and if you ever have questions (or just want to share your thoughts), please leave me a comment.

Okay, so why “yummy”? It's a word I use a lot with my almost-four-year-old son! But to me, yummy goes far beyond describing sweets. I think it is anything that tastes good AND feels good. It can be a cupcake with ganache frosting, or a bowl of pumpkin soup or a simple green salad. Yummy makes me happy!

Actually, cooking makes me happy! It is not a chore to me, it's a way to escape and relax. In my kitchen, all my senses come alive and I am (mostly!) stress-free. My kitchen is not only the place where I cook, it's also the place where I live, the hearth of my home.

Cooking also makes me feel good! I want to feed my family tasty, healthy foods. Have you looked at a food label on most pre-packaged goods lately? Sca-ry! That's why I prefer cooking and baking from scratch with wholesome ingredients.

I have many sources for recipes: magazines (Cooking Light, Food & Wine, Cuisine at Home, etc.), celebrity chefs (I am a big fan of Giada and Nigella), books (thank God for the library!), food blogs (too many to list here), but also my amazing mom and my wonderful mother-in-law. Both are great cooks and I take this opportunity to thank them for their inspiration, encouragement and advice. I used to follow recipes to a “T”, but now that I have more confidence, I will gladly take a recipe, tweak a few things and create a unique dish or dessert to share with my loved ones.

My motto when it comes to eating is “everything in moderation”. And if you eat well 90% of the time, you can splurge 10% of the time. Okay, I'll admit, sometimes I myself struggle with that 90/10 rule!

I firmly believe that while eating nourishes the body, cooking nourishes the soul. I find solace and happiness in my kitchen and I hope you will find comfort and joy in my “cuisine” too!


  1. Oh Happy Day! Welcome to the blogging world! Can't wait to try the first recipe! You love to cook, to bake, to share? that's so great. And you know what? we love you!

  2. j'suis trop contente!!!! je serai une lectrice assidue de ton blog et de tes recettes et la façon dont tu décris ta passion pour la cuisine est tellement géniale que malgré toute ma mauvaise humeur du moment, ça me donne trop envie, c'est super Emmy!!! Manque plus que je vienne en vrai de vrai visiter ta cuisine de plus près, lol, des bisous et bonne route à ton blog!!!

  3. Wonderful!!! I am looking forward to reading about your recipes and finding time to make them ;)

  4. Génial Emmy ! Rien que ton approche de la cuisine donne envie !

  5. Longue vie à ton blog !!! Je sens que ca va être une très bonne source d'inspiration pour ma cuisine quotidienne. :)
    Je t'embrasse bien fort !

  6. Bienvenue dans la blogosphère! Il me tarde de te lire...

  7. Yummy, can't wait for more post! Congratulations Emmy!

  8. as usual : emmy would you mary me ?? ( euh sinon je connais pleins d'insultes en anglais) et aussi where is Brian! he is in the kitchen!